Monitoring is done by Group of Gold Line’s customer service team with over 25+ years’ experience in customer relations. With offices and agents all over Canada, GL will be able to respond and mobilize the correct team to help with any customer inconvenience in an efficient and real-time manner.

24/7 Real-time Monitoring

The 24-hour customer service center operates through an integrated control center offering support services to customers wherever, whenever. Customer inquiries & inconveniences are received around the clock and a real-time response is provided to all site situations should any errors occur.

Nationwide Service

GL will respond to any on-site issue should they occur. We will diagnose the problem, fix it, and take measures to ensure the issue does not reoccur in the future.

Customer Satisfaction

GLParking is committed to customer service. We provide troubleshooting and on-site assistance until our customers are fully satisfied. As a customer of GLParking, we take every measure to ensure your system is fully taken care of, so you don’t have to.

Real-time Abnormalities Maintenance, With Rapid Problem Resolution

The integrated control system connected to the automated parking system, observes the on-site situation around the clock to monitor system in real-time. If there is a malfunction of the parking system or an emergency is perceived, the nearest service agent will automatically be dispatched to the field to mitigate the situation.

International Quality

Every process of design, manufacturing, installation is conducted by business system based on ISO 9001.

All systems are in accordance with DIN EN 14010.

Usage of Warrantied Parts

We use warrantied parts that have completed quality verification based on strict quality standards direct from the manufacturers.

We also ensure the reliability of these parts.


We offer free training for your valet who will be the person in charge of operating your parking facility. This will occur after the system and the surrounding construction is complete, to ensure safety of the workers and staff.